LinDev was founded in 2011 by a team of Open Source enthusiasts and professionals.

We are the "other" kind of Open Source company: We put all our resources into development (so much so that, as you can easily see, our marketing department is developers typing raw HTML into vi, with php for include statements), and we won't sell you a machine learning, AI-enabled, blockchain based, virtualized, cloud-based, Edge-backed disruptive freemium IoT device with a quantum processor just to be buzzword compliant. (We will, however, build just that in the extremely unlikely case that you can come up with a use case where that's actually what meets your needs best).

We can help you with many projects, including, but not limited to:

We're working closely with the Open Source community at large, in particular the OpenMandriva project.

Our team includes not only developers, but also a professional journalist and event manager - we can also help you get the word about your Open Source related products and projects out.

References are available upon request.

Contact us at info at lindev dot ch - we speak English, German, Russian and French